Notes from the Nurse

Notes from the Nurse

The health and well being of your child are primary concerns while your child is in school. In order to ensure and maintain his/her good health and safety, please take a few minutes to review the following guidelines:

  • We attempt to discourage administration of medication in the schools.  However, if your physician decides it is necessary for your child to receive a medication during the school day, the approval and specific directions must be provided to the school by the physician.
    • Parents must bring the medication to the school in the original box or bottle with the current prescription label on the container
    • All medications (even over the counter medications) require a written physician’s order.
    • Students are not to have medications in their possession.
  • Keep all home, work, and emergency phone numbers at school up-to-date.  When children become suddenly ill or injured at school, it is essential that we have current phone numbers.

  • Please keep the nurse informed of significant changes in your child’s health.  For example: changes in diet, daily medication, new allergies, and changes in physical restrictions, vision and/or hearing impairment.  By communicating your child’s special health and safety needs to us, we can ensure a safer and healthier school year.

  • All students are to keep a change of clothing in their lockers in case of illness, spills from lunch or mud at recess.  Extra clothing is not available from the nurse.

  • Remember, early morning programs are not BCPS activities.  All injuries/illness must be reported to the program official who will render first aid and contact parents.  Please review this procedure with your child.

  • Have a healthy year!

You can email Nurse Ryan at [email protected]