Bus Policies and Procedures

school bus

Pot Spring Elementary is served by approximately 9 buses.  In order to facilitate an orderly and safe dismissal, students must ride home on their assigned buses. Students will not be allowed to ride home on any bus but their own.  Whenever a child who normally rides a bus is to be picked up, a note should be sent to school.  Students not riding the bus will meet in a designated location in the school.

Whenever your childs transportation routine is altered, a note must be sent to your childs teacher to specify the change.


Students who are not enrolled in Play Centers or an early morning program are not to be dropped off at school until after 8:55 a.m.  Students will not be sent to classrooms before 9:00 a.m. (unless specific instructions have been received from the teacher).  Teachers are on duty to supervise the outside and inside flow of student traffic at 9:00 a.m.


If students need to leave early from school, they need to bring in a note from home in the morning.  Parents must report to the office to pick up their child/children.  The office staff will call your child’s classroom teacher and have your child/children come to the office for pick-up.  All parents must sign out their child/children from the office before leaving school.  Secretaries will require identification so please make sure that you have a photo ID with you.


Students are to refrain from bringing radios, walk-men, electronic games, or trading cards to school.  


Please mark all belongings with your childs full name.  Lost and found items will be located in the short hallway across from the office.  Please check in the lost and found when you visit school.