Volunteer Training 
 safe schools volunteer training
you will not be permitted to volunteer until training has been completed 
 step 1    

A.  CLICK the button to access and COMPLETE the BCPS Application for Volunteer Services.   

volunteer application

B.  Once completed, SAVE your application and:
          PRINT it


          EMAIL it to our Volunteer Coordinator
(see STEP 3)


 step 2    

A.  CLICK the appropriate button to access the Login Instructions or Screen you’ll need to COMPLETE the orientation/training session online (course should only take 5-6 min).

 new users

returning users

B.  Follow the instructions provided- you will receive a certificate once you successfully complete the training.

 step 3  

A.  Once you have successfully completed the entire orientation/
training session:
           PRINT your Certificate of Completion and SEND it along
           with your application to your child’s classroom teacher


           Use your web browser to SAVE your Certificate of Completion
           as a PDF file
 (either by right-clicking on the page or using the 
             browser’s page options)
and EMAIL it along with your application
           to our Volunteer Coordinator-  Stephanie Barnes, 

           [email protected]


Who is required to complete a Volunteer Application and orientation/training course?

  • classroom volunteers

  • school-wide volunteers  (Jump-a-thon, Earth Day, Field Day, etc...)

  • field trip chaperones


What will be covered in the orientation/training course?

  • information regarding the role and conduct of volunteers in schools

  • BCPS school and student safety and security

  • laws, policies and rules related to volunteering

  • the BCPS volunteer screening process


I completed this orientation/training course last year, do I have
to do it again?

YES.  ALL volunteers must complete a new Volunteer Application and participate in the training course EACH YEAR.


I have completed the training and passed the quiz but the
handbook still says required?

The online program is timed so it does not recognize that you have read the handbook.  You have either read the handbook too quickly or printed the booklet.  In order to proceed complete the following:

1. Log back into Safe Schools training http://bcpsvolunteers.md.safeschools.com/login

2. Click on the handbook course.

3. Read the handbook scrolling through to the bottom of page 9.

4. Click the blue close window button in the upper right or left corner.

5. A new box will appear asking if you wish to close this browser. (click YES)

6. You will return to the handbook page and the NEXT button will become bold for you to click to proceed to the next page.

7. Check the box stating you have read the handbook and click submit.

8. You will be returned to the main training page and a green box will appear at the top of the page stating you have completed the training and ask you to print your certificate.


In order to keep our school safe and to assure protection under Maryland State Law for comprehensive liability insurance and worker’s compensation, all volunteers are required to sign in with a valid photo ID at the office upon entering Pot Spring ES.  Volunteers will receive a sticker pass that should be placed in a visible location on your shirt and worn at all times.


It is important that you also sign in and record your hours (hours spent at home volunteering count too!) in the volunteer binder located on the table by the windows in the main office each time you report to volunteer.  The Maryland State Department of Education requires that we record the number of volunteer hours at Pot Spring, and we collect this information from these sign in sheets. 

The school can receive recognition by the county and state for volunteer’s efforts based on the total hours accumulated.  Individuals will be recognized for their hours.


 tax deductions
The IRS allows a number of tax benefits for volunteers!  Unreimbursed expenses, made as part of giving services to a school, may be deducted by volunteers. Car mileage, bus and cab fares are deductible.  Service hours are NOT deductible.

 PTA volunteers
Please consider lending a hand to our Wonderful PTA. 

PTA Volunteer Form